Corona virus

Corona virus

High restrictions yet OMICRON variant spreads in more than 13 countries of the world.

Omicron reached in more than 13 countries worldwide. International passengers on high scrutiny.

Various countries have urged their citizens to cancel their international travel plans. Christmas and New Year vacation bookings see massive increase in rescheduling and cancelation of trips.

Latest Corona variant Omicron, initially detected  in South Africa, has been identified spreading in more than 13 countries.

Countries have reported maximum cases spotted in travelers from the African nations. In a quick measure of concern African nations alerted the world media and health agencies upon the discovery of the Omicron. But domino effect in action many countries have initiated strict travel bans to African Nations currently.

The current data suggests increased surge in Omicron cases in countries and cities like: Israel, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Botswana, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Portugal, Czech Republic, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China.

African nations have expressed their dismay over the international flight ban. “Such ban will put negative affect on the economy of Africa and its nations. Tourism and Trade will be highly impacted, we are trying our best to understand and contain this variant”, an African diplomat said this in his public statement.

WHO has also expressed its concerns for the variant. A team of experts have been assigned to monitor the variant mutation and causes.

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