Bugatti Will Not Launch An EV In The Next 10 Years

Bugatti which was recently merged with Rimac will be using the internal combustion engine longer than even Ferrari. In an interview, Mate Rimac, the CEO and chairman of the newly merged entity Bugatti Rimac revealed that the ultra-luxury sports car maker will not be making a car based on an electric powertrain in this decade. Mate Rimac revealed that neither an SUV nor an electric car were in the 10-year plan that his team has drawn out for Bugatti. 

Bugatti is currently working on a successor to the Chiron which will be released in 2024. Mate Rimac also said that Bugatti’s future will lie in hybrid powertrains. This means the next generation Bugatti will be highly electrified but not fully electric. 

Now, Bugatti is known for its use of the 16-cylinder engine but considering the way the world is moving even a 12-cylinder V12 seems unlikely. That being said, the Volkswagen group which is now via Porsche has a huge shareholding in Rimac would be working on a new V12 for Lamborghini. This could be adapted for the Chiron successor. 

That being said, it is likely that Bugatti is working on a bespoke powertrain that will borrow Rimac’s expertise on the electric side of things and will retain the awesome stopping power and world beating straight-line speed its cars are known for. 

Bugatti is expected to launch this car post 2024 and it will probably remain its main model till the end of the decade which is why Mate Rimac said there will be no fully electric Bugatti in this decade. 

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