MG hikes prices of Hector, Hector Plus and Astor SUVs

This is the second price hike for the three SUVs, even though the Hector is due to receive a facelift soon.

MG has hiked the prices of its Hector, Hector Plus and Astor SUVs by up to Rs 28,000. This is the second price hike for the three SUVs, as the Hector and Hector Plus got their first price hike in April and the Astor in July. The Hector is set to receive a mid-life refresh soon.

MG Hector variant-wise price hike

The Hector’s prices have increased from Rs 20,000 to Rs 28,000 for petrol and diesel powertrains variants.

Here is the breakdown of the old and new prices for the Hector:

MG Hector petrol prices (ex-showroom)
VariantsNew priceOld priceDifference
Style MTRs 14.43 lakhRs 14.15 lakhRs 28,000
Shine MTRs 15.48 lakhRs 15.20 lakhRs 28,000
Shine CVTRs 16.68 lakhRs 16.40 lakhRs 28,000
Smart MT HybridRs 17.40 lakhRs 17.20 lakhRs 20,000
Smart CVTRs 18.00 lakhRs 17.80 lakhRs 20,000
Sharp MT HybridRs 18.75 lakhRs 18.55 lakhRs 20,000
Sharp CVTRs 19.73 lakhRs 19.48 lakhRs 25,000

The Style and Shine trims have the highest hike – Rs 28,000 – while the Smart trims have the lowest price hike at Rs 20,000.

MG Hector Diesel prices (ex-showroom)
VariantNew PriceOld PriceDifference
StyleRs 15.97 lakhRs 15.69 lakhRs 28,000
ShineRs 17.48 lakhRs 17.20 lakhRs 28,000
SmartRs 18.90 lakhRs 18.70 lakhRs 20,000
SharpRs 20.36 lakhRs 20.11 lakhRs 25,000

MG Hector Plus variant-wise price hike

The Hector Plus hike ranges between Rs 25,000 to Rs 28,000 for six- and seven-seater versions, respectively. However, there is no increase in the price of the six-seater Super diesel variant as well as the seven-seater Style petrol manual variant.

MG Hector Plus 6-seater prices (ex-showroom)
VariantNew priceOld priceDifference
Smart petrol CVT 6-seatRs 18.90 lakhRs 18.65 lakhRs 25,000
Sharp petrol MT 6-seatRs 19.50 lakhRs 19.25 lakhRs 25,000
Sharp petrol CVT 6-seatRs 20.50 lakhRs 20.25 lakhRs 25,000
Super diesel MT 6-seatRs 17.73 lakh
Smart diesel MT 6-seatRs 19.55 lakhRs 19.30 lakhRs 25,000
Sharp diesel MT 6-seatRs 21.00 lakhRs 20.75 lakhRs 25,000
Style petrol MT 7-seatRs 14.94 lakh
Super hybrid MT 7-seatRs 16.44 lakhRs 16.16 lakhRs 28,000
Style diesel MT 7-seatRs 16.43 lakhRs 16.15 lakhRs 28,000
Super diesel MT 7-seatRs 17.48 lakhRs 17.20 lakhRs 28,000
Smart diesel MT 7-seatRs 19.45 lakhRs 19.20 lakhRs 25,000
Select diesel MT 7-seatRs 20.35 lakhRs 20.10 lakhRs 25,000

MG Astor variant-wise price hike

Although the Astor has a uniform hike of Rs 10,000 across the variant line-up, the Astor EX variants see no hike in prices.

MG Astor prices (ex-showroom)
VariantNew priceOld priceDifference
Style EX MTRs 10.32 lakh
Style MTRs 10.38 lakhRs 10.28 lakhRs 10,000
Super EX MTRs 12.00 lakh
Super MTRs 12.06 lakhRs 11.96 lakhRs 10,000
Super CVTRs 13.48 lakhRs 13.38 lakhRs 10,000
Smart EX MTRs 13.62 lakh
Smart MTRs 13.68 lakhRs 13.58 lakhRs 10,000
Smart CVTRs 14.88 lakhRs 14.78 lakhRs 10,000
Smart AT TurboRs 16.58 lakhRs 16.48 lakhRs 10,000
Sharp EX MTRs 14.56 lakh
Sharp MTRs 14.68 lakhRs 14.58 lakhRs 10,000
Sharp CVTRs 15.68 lakhRs 15.58 lakhRs 10,000
Sharp AT TurboRs 17.50 lakhRs 17.40 lakhRs 10,000
Sharp (O) CVTRs 16.60 lakhRs 16.50 lakhRs 10,000
Sharp (O) AT TurboRs 18.23 lakhRs 18.13 lakhRs 10,000

Upcoming MG SUVs

While MG is preparing to launch the facelift of the Hector, it will also launch entry-level EX variants of the Hector and Hector Plus will only be available with either petrol or petrol-hybrid powertrain with the option of a 6-speed manual or CVT gearbox. 

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