Tampa Preparing for Severe Weather: Expect Storm Surge, Floods, High Winds, Tornadoes

Tampa residents are told to braise themselves and be prepared for the incoming severe weather. Authorities said to prepare for a storm surge. inland floods, high winds, and possible tornadoes.

To track the progression of a tropical wave in the Southeast Caribbean Sea, the City of Tampa is still collaborating with regional, state, and local partners.

The National Hurricane Center has predicted that this system will have a high chance of developing into a tropical storm over the next few days, but at this point, it is unclear whether this will have any effects on the area.

Be Informed. Be Alert.

Residents are being urged by Mayor Jane Castor as well as Tampa Fire Rescue Chief Barbara Tripp to get ready for severe weather by being informed and vigilant right away.

The Disaster Supply Kit for the household should be ready, and where possible, sustainable options should be included. Your hurricane supplies should prioritize having access to clean water.

Tripp said that per person, there should be a gallon of water per day is the recommended amount to have on hand and to have a three-day supply available. This equates to three gallons of water for drinking and cleaning purposes for each individual.

Castor said to keep in mind that residents of Tampa Bay are accustomed to storms and other severe weather. Since it only takes one storm, now is the time to get ready. To avoid any discomfort or inconvenience during the storm, Castor also urged the populace to gather the supplies they require.

Residents are also reminded that their evacuation zone might have recently changed and to double-check that they are in their actual, current evacuation zone.

As a precaution against potential severe weather, Mayor Castor advises keeping an eye on elderly or vulnerable neighbors and family members.

Severe Weather in Tampa

Storm surge, or the force of the water being pushed toward the shore by the winds, can be destructive in a hurricane. The normal tides and this advancing surge work together to cover normally dry land in several feet of water. The storm surge rises as the storm gets stronger.

More than half of the deaths linked to tropical cyclones in the US over the past 30 years have been brought on by inland flooding.

Mobile homes and poorly built buildings can both be destroyed by hurricane-force winds. Hurricanes turn debris, including signs, roofing materials, and small items left outside, into flying missiles. 

Tornadoes that are produced by hurricanes increase the storm’s potential for destruction. The area of the hurricane’s right front quadrant where tornadoes are most likely to form. 

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Constantly Preparing

The City of Tampa is constantly working to make sure we are equipped to respond both during severe weather and after it has passed. 

Weather stations have recently been set up all over the city by Tampa Fire Rescue. The general public is urged to stay informed and read local government publications.

Teams from Emergency Response Centers are now also equipped with drones to facilitate quick damage assessments and ensure a quicker response following a storm. 

Additionally, the City of Tampa has joined the AT&T First Net program, which offers exclusive public safety personnel a dedicated bandwidth for improved communications in the event of a storm, Tampa.Gov reports.

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