Volvo confirms EX90, electric version of XC90, for debut in November

Volvo EX90 will be the new flagship all-electric SUV from the Swedish carmaker which will come equipped with some standard safety features never seen in Volvo cars before.

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22 Sep 2022, 11:54 AM

Volvo EX90 will be the all-electric version of the XC90 SUV. This will be the second ICE model from the Swedish carmaker after the XC40 to get an all-electric makeover.

Volvo has officially announced that its new all-electric flagship SUV EX90 will officially make debut on November 9. The EX90, which is essentially going to be the electric avatar of the Swedish carmaker’s existing ICE model XC90, will come equipped with unprecedented safety technology. The EX90 will join the likes of XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge in the electric vehicle lineup from Volvo. It is also the second ICE model from the Swedish brand after the XC40 to get an all-electric makeover.

Volvo described the upcoming EV as the ‘safest Volvo ever’. It will have LiDAR sensors and features an invisible security shield that includes the latest detection technology, allowing the car to understand the driver’s state of mind and the world around them. Jim Rowan, CEO at Volvo Cars, said, “We will continue to innovate until cars are no longer out of control, until we are 100% carbon free as a company. All to protect more lives, in keeping with our very raison d’être. The EX90 is the beginning of a new era for Volvo Cars, carrying our legacy of safety, quality and innovation into the future.”

The EX90 will come with eight cameras, sixteen ultrasonic sensors and a LiDAR sensor. In Volvo’s own words, this is a ‘remote detection method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges with high precision and reliability. It is able to detect not only the road ahead, day or night , as well as small objects, hundreds of meters ahead, giving time to inform, to act and to avoid’.

A pedestrian, for example, can be detected by the system up to 250 meters, or even a tire up to 120 meters, even if this is a very dark object and even if it is night. According to recent Volvo research, this LiDAR system can reduce serious accidents by up to 20%, and provide overall prevention by up to 9%. The LiDAR technology will be housed in the EX90 between the top of the windscreen and the top of the roof.

The EX90 will debut as standard equipment on Volvo models the ‘Driver ‘Understanding System’, a new system that will make its debut on the new EX90, where it will be standard equipment. This technology will be responsible for detecting whether the driver is in the best conditions for driving. The system uses two cameras that are capable of detecting early signs that the driver, for example, is fatigued. It will be possible to verify this by observing your gaze patterns.

The interior of the EX90 will have an interior radar that detects signs of life. This monitors the entire interior, including the luggage compartment, and detects minimal signs, even breathing. In case someone forgets babies or animals inside the vehicle, the EX90 will warn the driver by sending an alert notification to the app associated with the smartphone.

First Published Date: 22 Sep 2022, 11:54 AM IST

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