Switch Mobility To Explore Alternate Segments For Their Electric Bus

One of the most burgeoning segments in the realm of electric mobility is the electric bus segment. The market is expecting a threefold growth in the electric bus segment in 2023 while by 2025 it is estimated to secure 9 per cent market share in the heavy passenger carrier (bus) mobility space. That said, the growth won’t be driven alone by the intracity (local) and intercity buses and other segments like employee mobility, school bus and Tarmac (Airport) bus will come into play as well. And these are exactly the segments Switch Mobility is planning to plug.

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Speaking to carandbike on the sidelines of the 62nd SIAM Convention, Mahesh Babu, Chief Executive Officer, Switch Mobility said, “We have got about 100 orders, with private employee transports and we’re going to supply in the coming quarter. We have signed an MoU for deploying 5000 buses in the next three years. It’s a Private Public Partnership (PPP) where we will deploy those buses. Tarmac is a very interesting application where the Airlines that want ton decarbonise their operations are approaching us and we’re happy to work with them to develop Tarmac application buses.”

Intracity and intercity travel will be the major volume generators in the electric bus segment since FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles) subsidy is available only on state transport buses, hence the adaptions has been through STOs. However, a substantial push is expected from other segments as well with airlines and enterprises working on decarbonising their operations. Switch Mobility already has around 650 orders in the pipeline and they are targeting to deliver most of it this year itself, while the Tarmac segment is likely to be one of their focus areas next year onwards.

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