Torrential Rain and Thunderstorms Could Continue in Australia Until the Weekend

Wet weather is threatening Eastern Australia again with heavy rainfall and flooding as of Friday, September 23.

Australian meteorologists have issued a warning that parts of New South Wales, Queensland, and its surrounding areas are at risk of inland flooding and riverine flooding this weekend. Thunderstorms also pose a risk across the region, with the possibility of strong, damaging winds and hail.

Local authorities have issued various weather warnings for affected areas, especially communities near bodies of water like rivers, streams, and lakes. In particular, the city of Lismore in northeastern New South Wales is reportedly at increased risk, as seen in previous related events this year.

The warnings serve as a precaution when people need to prepare or evacuate relative to the looming weather hazards.

Authorities are blaming the severe weather to a low pressure system hovering over the country. The said weather disturbance is causing the downpour of torrential rain and eruption of severe storms. As a result, local sources are reporting that Australia could be embracing a long weekend with excessive rainfall of at least 100 millimeters in some areas. Power outages and disruption to travel are likely in the next hours.

Heavy Rain and Storm Warnings

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The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) on Thursday, September 22, stated heavy rain and thunderstorms will continue until Friday along New South Wales coastline, including Northern Rivers, Mid North Coast, and Hunter regions.

Alerts like minor to moderate flood warning has been given for Wilsons River in Lismore, indicating that intense rainfall could peak from Friday and into the weekend.

In addition, a severe weather warning for torrential rain remains in place for the Northern Rivers and some areas of the Mid North Coast. Thick rainfall is possible ranging between 80 and 200 millimeters.

As the situation evolves, the BoM said it is monitoring the rainfall closely, urging communities in the affected regions to track local weather developments by being updated with the latest forecasts and warnings.

There have been reports of flooding in the Gold Coast where a severe thunderstorm warning is also in place, as well as flood alerts throughout the East Coast.

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Wet and Wild Weather

A “wet and wild weather” is expected to cause showers in the eastern states until Saturday, September 24, due to a “dangerous band of rain” moving through the region, according to

In New South Wales, dozens of flights were already cancelled due to the inclement weather. Specifically, 45 departing flights and 41 arrivals were cancelled at Sydney Airport.

In recent days, almost 50 flood rescue operation took placed by local officials. Furthermore, Minister Steph Cook stated La Nina is anticipated to bring a long season of wet weather, as cited by ABC.

In Queensland, a stormy weather had plagued multiple parts of the state but is expected to subside by Sunday, September 25.

The states of Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia will be reportedly safe from the brunt of the low pressure system in the next few days.

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